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John D. Eidson

Farm Manager

Born and raised in RI on a farm, John always had a passion for working with the land.  He was a young man when he began his first company, RI Hay, Inc. - the largest hay grower in RI.  During this time he attended the University of Rhode Island for 4 years studying Plant and Soil Sciences. 

John later moved his interest from hay to sod and started Ironton Grass Works, Inc., where for over a decade he was subcontracted out by South County’s Turf Farms for his expertise and farming know how. His services became highly sought after, a testament to the top notch soil results achieved through his programs and dedication.

In 2009, John started a sports turf grass management company that did many types of aeration, overseeding, top dressing, and fertilizing - to name a few of the services.  The company’s high quality work has made it the “go to company” for ball fields, golf courses and, any place with sod that where it needs to be in top shape!  This branch is now called Fair Play Turf Services and is now under the umbrella of Allen Seed Store.

In the fall of 2010, John came on board as Farm Manager at Sodco.  His diverse education and knowledge for not only growing top quality sod, but many other crops such as corn, grains, and cover crops makes Sodco a perfect fit for John's skills.   In his time at Sodco, John has decidated himself to the motto that Sodco will produce "New England's Finest Sod.”

John resides in Wakefield with his wife Amy.