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“Spring” 2014

Posted: Mar. 25, 2014


Written by: SODCO


Sod Not Growing this Spring (2006)?

If your sod is not greening up this spring like older lawns around
you, there are some good reasons for this, and you are not alone.

1. The soil temperature is about 60 F. Remember, the soil temperature is  measured at about 2 inches below the sod.
2. The amount of water in the upper 4 inches o f soil is moderate for this  spring.
3. The previous winter was long and cold, causing the sod to go into a deep  dormancy, which takes heat and water to “wake it up.”
4. Sod growers use the very best grasses available, and they are designed to  perform at their peak during the hottest period of the year, not the coldest. In  the spring, they need a little more heat than unimproved varieties, but they  are a lot better when the heat of summer comes.
5. Sod installed last fall needs to both warm up and grow some roots to fully  green up  this spring!

What you should do to jump-start your lawn this spring!

1. Turn on the water to warm up the soil and get the plants growing. If, by the  time you read this (middle of April 2006), it has not rained an inch or more  on your sod, turn on the irrigation and give it an inch of water. You will be  amazed at the results.
2. Wait to fertilize until it is growing: when you are mowing it at least once a  week.
3. Be patient! Your sod is not “bad,” and the sod producer did not select an  Inferior variety of Kentucky bluegrass.



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