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A few tips on summer watering

Posted: Jul. 12, 2013


Written by: SODCO

 Watering your lawn during this hot summer weather can be difficult.

After installing new sod, you should be watering during the early morning hours and the mid-afternoon hours, for the first week.  Watering at night is not advised; It provides optimal conditions for disease.

The amount of water is also important.  When watering new sod in very hot weather the sod should be saturated, and/or squishy.

When turf or sod is wilting and under heat stress, it will turn a purple/black color. This is a sign that it is in need of water, quickly!! The color will return to normal shortly after.

After sod has rooted, it is still important to water properly.  A lawn should get about an inch of water per week.  Typically an every-other-day watering schedule works best.  An ideal way to measure the amount of water a lawn gets is with a tuna can; place the cans around the yard to get an average reading.

All you have to remember is that sod is a living plant - it needs water to survive!!

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